Labor Cost Calculator

The Labor Cost Calculator will help you compute efficiently the amount of money you are going to spend specially on projects that needs manpower. I currently spearhead a project where I need to hire people to do some gardening tasks and I have to compute the labor on each activity on the workplace. This calculator would be helpful to give you rough estimates of the amount of money to spend per laborer.

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Labor Cost

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How to Use the Labor Cost Calculator

Labor Cost Calculator

So, let's say that you are fencing a land area and it's a big one and you are going to lead this activity. Of course, you have other expenses like the sand, cement, steel, nails among any others. However, this is not the calculator for that, we only focus on the labor cost.

The labor cost is the amount of money you are going to spend on laborers or employees to do the job. In the case of hiring people on project, you need to consider how many laborers do you need, how many days it takes to complete the project, what's your travel cost, what's their food expenses, and so on. These are the things you need to consider to compute your labor cost.

You might though you only need 8 people to work for 9 days. Then their salary would be $100 per day. You'll start to think you only need $7,200 to complete the job. To burst your bubble, that's not always the case. You have other expenses and this calculator will help you get the actual amount of money you are going to spend per laborer.

  1. Step 1

    First, enter the Number of Laborers, Salary Per Laborer and Total Working Days. The calculator will multiply all of these values and will give you the amount of money to spend on all laborers.

  2. Step 2

    The next step is to enter the Transportation Expenses, Food Expenses and Miscellaneous Expenses. Considering the fact that these are your expenses per day and not the totality of them. So, the calculator will get the sum of all of this and will multiply it to the Total Working Days.

  3. Step 3

    Lastly, click on the Calculate button to get your results. It will display that amount to spend to laborers, expenses, total labor cost and the actual cost per laborer.

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