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Weekends corresponds to Saturday and Sunday of the week. These two days of the week are considered as leisure days, a time to unwind after the entire Monday to Friday work or studies. If it happens that you want to know how many weekends are there this month, this year or any given dates, use this Weekends Calculator.

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How to Use the Weekends Calculators

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During weekends, it is really common to see people going at parks, dining with friends, swimming at the beach, hiking mountains and all these relaxing activities away from day to day work.

While most people are having these leisure times, some individuals like to spend their weekends doing their side hustles or side business. It is where these people can focus a little bit longer time to master their craft or perform tasks that requires longer attention.

You can spend weekends however you want, but in any case, you want to check how many weekends are there this month, this year or during a set of initial date and end date, use this Weekends Calculator instead of manually counting them off in your calendar.

  1. Step 1

    Since the calculator is formatted in a text base, meaning you can read it like "How many weekends are there ...", you can click on this month or this year. If you want to add custom dates, you can click on Between Two Dates button for the dates to be editable, otherwise you can't change it.

  2. Step 2

    Click on the Calculate button for the results to be displayed. Now, there are two sets of results here. The first one is beside the 🗓️ calendar logo that goes something like this: "There are 105 Weekends this year." The second result is being enlisted based on months with its corresponding subtotal weekends. You can click on that month, example "June", and it will hide/show the list of dates during that month.

  3. Step 3

    You can show all results, meaning all the dates by clicking the Show Full List button. When hiding them, click on the same button which now is being marked with Hide Full List. In case where you want to figure out as well the weekdays (Monday to Friday), click on the Weekdays button.

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